Milestone Rathfriland

Calmor Properties has recently constructed new Milestone convenience store in Rathfriland Co. Down. The old store was 5,500 sq ft store has now extended and transformed into a state of the art 15,000 sq ft convenience store. The business has been opened up in the late 1980s and like most retailers has gradually built up the business, extending Milestone store over the years before making the decission to completely rebuild.

The new store is a fantastic retail experience. The new store is housed within a 40,000 sq ft building that features a full scratch bakery with a team on site making bread, cakes and desserts, there's a kitchen producing the take-home meals and a new butchery. This has allow the new store to grow and and make a lot more products.

Calmor Properties has ensured this commerical development offer visitors a complete shopping experience.  


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